It's an excellent question, and the answer varies depending on the situation. 

For new clients who have just launched a website with Gekkoshot, we offer 12 months of FREE support from the date your new website has been launched on our servers. This support covers most of the day-to-day edits and changes you may need. However, charges may apply for new features or significant website (re)edits. 

If you're an existing client and have an ongoing annual hosting/maintenance agreement with us, you receive 1 hour of support per month as part of your agreement. This hour is typically sufficient for handling most minor edits and updates. 

Our clients generally find this allocation to be satisfactory each month. For support, edits, or feature requests that exceed the allocated 1 hour, charges may apply. 

The specific charges depend on the nature of each request. We manually review each request and provide you with advance notice of any applicable charges whenever possible.